Service supplies

A list of the common service consumables, such as oils and filters. Plus any special tools required for servicing a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Twin-Turbo Diesel (VDJ200).

Engine Oil

For all non-DPF versions (Pre 2016 facelift), use a quality 5W40 semi-synthetic oil, such as Penrite HPR Diesel 5 or Valvoline Engine Armour Diesel. You can also use a fully-synthetic oil such as Penrite Enviro+ 5W40.


If your 200 has a Diesel Particulate Filter (2016 facelift onwards), use a 5W40 full-synthetic oil designed for DPFs, such as Penrite Enviro+ 5W40.

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Oil Filter

Use a quality oil filter manufactured under ISO9001 quality standards. Suitable filters (including part numbers) are:

You'll also require a special oil filter removal tool. The correct size is 64.5mm, 14 flute. Suitable brands are:

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Fuel Filter

As with the oil filter, don't bother with some no-name fuel filter. Suitable filters include:

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