Service supplies

A list of the common service consumables, such as oils, filters, gaskets and seals. Plus any special tools required for servicing a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Twin-Turbo Diesel (VDJ200).

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Engine Oil

For all non-DPF versions (Pre 2016 facelift), use a quality 5W40 semi-synthetic oil, such as Penrite HPR Diesel 5 or Valvoline Engine Armour Diesel. You can also use a fully-synthetic oil such as Penrite Enviro+ 5W40.


If your 200 has a Diesel Particulate Filter (2016 facelift onwards), use a 5W40 full-synthetic oil designed for DPFs, such as Penrite Enviro+ 5W40.

Sump Plug Gasket: The sump plug gasket/washer is part number 90430-12031.

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Engine Oil Filter

Use a quality oil filter manufactured under ISO9001 quality standards. Suitable filters (including part numbers) are:

You'll also require a special oil filter removal tool. The correct size is 64.5mm, 14 flute. Suitable brands are:

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Fuel Filter

As with the oil filter, don't bother with some no-name fuel filter. Suitable filters include:

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Automatic Transmission Fluid

The 200 requires a WS-compatible automatic transmission fluid. Using incompatible fluid could cause severe transmission damage.
12 litres is suggested for a substantial flush. The following fluids are suitable:

Gaskets: You will also require 2x 35178-30010 crush washers (for the oil drain and overflows), plus 1x 90301-15004 O Ring (for the oil fill plug).

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Differential Oil

The front and rear differentials in the 200 require a slightly unusual 75W85 oil which meets the GL-5 specification. Most 75w85 gear oils only meet GL-4.
Approximately 6.5 litres is required. Suitable GL-5 oils include:

Gaskets: You will also require 3x 12157-10010 crush washers (front diff fill, rear diff fill+drain); and 1x 90430-24003 copper washer (front diff drain).

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Transfer Case Oil

The transfer case in the 200 requires a 75W90 oil which meets the GL-5 specification. Approximately 1.5 litres is required. Suitable oils include:

Gaskets: You will also require 2x 90430-18008 aluminium washers for the fill and drain plugs.

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Cooling System

When it comes to coolant, I stuck with genuine Toyota. It's reasonably priced and has a very long life. For a full flush, you'll need 15 litres. Alternatively, Penrite make a suitable alternative that's around the same price.

Parts and Gaskets:

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Air Filter

The LandCruiser 200 uses a flat panel air filter. I prefer the genuine element. Suitable filters include:

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Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter should be changed regularly. Suitable filters include:

Serpentine and Timing Belts

Drive/Serpentine Belt

To drive accessories such as the alternator, water pump and air conditioning compressor, the 200 uses a single "serpentine" type belt. It's certainly worth taking a spare with you on outback trips. Part numbers are:

Timing Belt

The original 4.7L petrol 200 (UZJ200) has a timing belt that must be replaced at 150,000km intervals (or 100,000km if specified in your manual). The Diesel (VDJ200) and 4.6L petrol 200s both have timing chains, which do not require routine replacement.

Brake Rotors, Pads and Handbrake shoes

When the factory brakes require replacement, you're better off replacing them with aftermarket alternatives, which offer superior performance and at a lower price as well. Depending on the year/model of your 200, the following part numbers are suitable:


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Headlight Globes

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Other globes

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