LandCruiser 200 Driveline modifications

Project 200 has received improvements to the engine, exhaust system, automatic transmission, plus wheels & tyres and a tyre pressure monitoring system.
You will also find testing and information on the LandCruiser 200's air filter system.

Unichip and Exhaust

Installation of a Unichip Q4 performance chip and exhaust
[Partially superseded]


Uni-X + Intake Clean

Dynomotive's installation of a Unichip UNI-X, an intake and EGR clean and Provent 200 Catch-can install.


Brake Upgrade

Step-by-step installation of DBA T3 slotted rotors, Extreme Performance pads and handbrake shoes.


Torque Converter Lockup + Trans Remap

Installation & test of a torque converter lockup kit, plus update following a transmission remap.


Wheels, Tyres and

ROH Trophy Alloy wheels, Nitto Ridge Grappler tyres, plus a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


Wheels and Tyres

Mickey Thompson ATZP3 tyres and 17x8" ROH Octagon alloy wheels


Air Filter testing

Testing the seal, filter and airflow performance of various air filter elements in the factory Toyota airbox.


ISO5011 Air Filter comparison

A comprehensive republished comparison of flat panel air filters using the ISO5011 standard.



New Airbox and Filter

There is a new airbox and filter under development for the 200-series. ETA late 2021.

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