LandCruiser 200 Driveline modifications

Project 200 has received improvements to the engine, exhaust system, automatic transmission, plus wheels & tyres and a tyre pressure monitoring system.
You will also find testing and information on the LandCruiser 200's air filter system.

Unichip and Exhaust

Installation of a Unichip Q4 performance chip and mandrel-bent stainless exhaust system [Partially superseded].


Uni-X + Intake Clean

Dynomotive's installation of a Unichip UNI-X, an intake and EGR clean and Provent 200 Catch-can install.


Brake Upgrade

Step-by-step installation of DBA T3 slotted rotors, Extreme Performance pads and handbrake shoes.


Torque Converter Lockup + Trans Remap

Installation & test of a torque converter lockup kit, plus update following a transmission remap.


Wheels, Tyres and

ROH Trophy Alloy wheels, Nitto Ridge Grappler tyres, plus a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


Air Filter testing

Testing the seal, filter and airflow performance of various air filter elements in the factory Toyota airbox.


ISO5011 Air Filter comparison

A comprehensive republished comparison of flat panel air filters using the ISO5011 standard.



New Airbox and Filter

There is a new airbox and filter under development for the 200-series. ETA 2021.

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