Project200-png24The definitive guide to upgrading a Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Choosing a 4WD is only the beginning. The real challenge is setting the vehicle up with the modifications and accessories that will deliver a reliable and capable outback tourer.

I've always been hands-on, preferring to fit (and sometimes fabricate) my own accessories. As they say, getting there is half the fun, and you learn a lot about the design and construction of your vehicle when you  perform modifications yourself. Project200 documents the  modifications and accessories I've chosen for my LandCruiser 200 touring build, usually with videos and step-by-step guides for anyone else looking to install the same accessories.

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First Impressions

A review of the standard Land Cruiser 200, with comments on the vehicle and driveline, plus an overview of alternatives.


Accessory Fusebox

Installation of a 120A circuit breaker, relay and 12-way fusebox, to power future electrical accessories.


Air Compressor

Step-by-step installation of an Air On Board 1.4cfm compressor, manifold
and 4-litre reservoir.


Dash pull-apart

Step-by-step centre-dash access, for installation of a
UHF CB radio, iPad navigation and Ultragauge.


Tough Dog Suspension

Step-by-step installation of a complete suspension kit, comprising struts, springs and shock absorbers.


Firestone Airbags

Step-by step installation of Firestone Coil-Rite airbags into the rear of the 200 to help manage variable loads.


SuperPro UCAs

Get perfect wheel alignment on your lifted 200 with the installation of adjustable front upper control arms


Safari Snorkel

Step-by-step installation of a Safari Snorkel, to minimise dust and the risk of water ingestion by the engine.


ARB Bullbar

Installation of a premium steel winch-bar for vehicle protection and accessory mounting.


Warn Tabor 10k

Installation of an electric winch into the ARB bar, providing essential recovery capability.


Outback Rear Bar

Installation of an Outback Accessories rear bar, complete with twin spare wheel carriers. 


Long Ranger fuel tank

Go the distance with the install of a 180L fuel sub-tank, taking total capacity to 273 litres.


Dual Batteries +
DC-DC Charger

Dual battery system upgrade, plus install of a Redarc
DC-DC/Solar  Charger


Torque Converter Lockup Kit

Installation & test of a Richards torque converter lockup, saving fuel and improving drivability.


Headlights &
Driving Lights

Installation & test of Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited globes, plus Fyrlyt 5000 driving lights


Fyrlyt vs Nemesis
vs Lightforce LED215

A followup lighting section, comparing Fyrlyt, Nemesis 9000 and Lightforce LED215 lights


Trip Report

A progress update on the project at the 3-year, 70,000km mark together with a Central-Australian trip report


Unichip and Exhaust

Professional installation of a Unichip Q4 performance chip and a Unichip 3" mandrel-bent stainless exhaust system.


Underbody Protection

Installation of Custom Offroad Accessories' three-piece
stainless steel underbody protection (Bash plate) kit.


Oil & Oil Filter change

A step-by-step guide to changing the engine oil and engine oil filter on the Land Cruiser 200 twin-turbo diesel.


Alloy Wheels and
All-terrain Tyres

Get a grip with the installation of ROH alloy wheels and Mickey Thompson ATZP3 tyres.



GVM Upgrade

Increasing the legal Gross Vehicle Mass, via an engineering signatory